Quality & Safety

Stormont Vail Health’s strategic plan is focused on implementing initiatives to reduce the risk of adverse events for patients and team members by holding ourselves accountable to achieving high standards in safety and quality, and improving the health of our community. One of our tenets states, “Together we own patient safety and the patient experience. We provide safe, high-quality care with a kind and generous spirit.”

At Stormont Vail, the Quality & Patient Safety Leadership Committee is designed to review, evaluate and make recommendations related to clinical quality & patient safety improvement at Stormont Vail in support of the organized medical staff and Quality & Risk Management Program. The Committee supports collaborative clinical improvement to achieve clinical quality and safety.

Healthcare has a 40% higher prevalence of workplace violence due to heightened stress and intensified emotions of patients, visitors and families. Stormont Vail developed a workplace violence committee to bring concerns forward and create initiatives to combat these concerns. Some of the initiatives to date include: mandatory de-escalation training for all employees to work through crisis interventions, increased metal detectors, and additional security staff. Stormont Vail continues to implement workplace violence hazard assessments to identify risk points across the system.

Stormont Vail quality and safety measures and outcomes can be found on CMS’s Care Compare site here:  Find Healthcare Providers: Compare Care Near You | Medicare .

Additional safety metrics can be found on the Leapfrog Safety Grade site here: Stormont Vail Health - KS - Hospital Safety Grade

Stormont’s Commitment to Quality & Safety

We work every day to meet high-quality and safety standards so that you have exceptional care. We work every day to meet high-quality and safety standards so that you have exceptional care.

We don’t just measure and evaluate our performance. We report it to special monitoring agencies. Two of these agencies are The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which evaluate hospitals nationwide. When compared to both community hospitals and academic medical centers in cities big and small — we’re we’re proud of how we measure up.

Comparing Quality & Safety Across Hospitals

Hospital Compare provides information on the quality of care at more than 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals. This information encompasses everything from average wait times in the emergency room, to surgical complication rates, to patient experience survey results. You can search for hospitals based on your location and choose up to three to compare at one time. Or, you can choose one hospital and compare it to state and national data.

Using the Hospital Compare tool allows you to make an informed decision about where to receive care and to feel confident in your choice. Note that this link will take you off the Stormont Vail Health website and onto a third party site.

This constant effort to keep improving helps ensure that our community can feel safe when they choose Stormont Vail Hospital and Cotton O’Neil Clinics for health care.

Community Health Needs Assessment

The CHNA is an important tool used for examining and prioritizing the health needs of a community. It provides insight into the current health status by a systematic collection and analysis of data and conversations with community leaders and members. The method of collecting this information is determined and implemented by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee.

The CHIP is developed from the CHNA and outlines actionable and specific interventions focused on improving the areas identified in the assessment.

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