Lab Services


Stormont Vail Laboratory has walk-in lab service centers both at the hospital and at Cotton O’Neil clinic locations. You do not need to schedule an appointment to have your specimens collected. You only need an order from a physician. Our goal is to make your specimen collection as efficient as possible.

Our labs in Manhattan and Emporia are full-service, meaning your sample can be tested on site, in many cases, so that your physician gets your test results faster.

Note: If you have an order to have your labs drawn at another laboratory — for example, Quest or Lab One — please check with your health insurance carrier before coming to a Stormont Vail Health laboratory to ensure that your lab tests are covered if performed at Stormont Vail.


Some of our tests include:

Anatomic Pathology

Basic Met Profile (BMP)



Comprehensive Chemistry

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP)





Urinalysis (UA)

Urine Culture


State Employee Health Member Plan

State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) members must request the Preferred Laboratory Benefit and show an identification card to verify current enrollment.

Plan Your Visit

Our labs are all walk-in facilities. You do not need to schedule an appointment.

Cotton O’Neil patients need to bring only a photo ID and a health insurance card.

Non-Cotton O’Neil patients need to present the following when using the Stormont Vail Lab Services: a photo ID, physician orders, and a health insurance card.