Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery

Finding out that you need cardiothoracic (heart, lung or vascular) surgery can bring on a flood of emotions, from fear of the procedure to relief about getting the care you need.

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As you prepare for surgery and complete the recovery process, we also make sure to take care of any other needs that arise. You will have access to cardiology, financial assistance, spiritual guidance — the type of care you need to make the most of your time at Stormont Vail.

Before and after surgery, we recommend our patients keep up with their primary care providers, who can perform physicals, give vaccines, and screen for other illnesses to make sure that your body is strong and ready for surgery.

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Our Cardiothoracic Providers

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Call (785) 270-4440 to schedule an appointment with your Stormont Vail primary care provider.

Not a Stormont Vail patient? Call (785) 270-4440 to set up your first appointment with one of our primary care providers.

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