Staying Active with Kids

Think back to your childhood summers. What were your favorite activities?

Spending all day at the pool or waterpark? Or how about riding your bike to the corner store and back? Maybe even getting a group of friends together to play outside?

The best memories are made when there is physical activity happening due to the increase of serotonin. This chemical increases happiness and better moods when released through activity and exercise. Not only are you making great memories, but you, your loved ones, and kids are finding time to connect with each other and your bodies naturally.

“Not only do we need to stay active to stay healthy, we need to move because it is such an essential part of who we are as humans, said Brian Avila, Wellpower Services Manager. “Walking provides an opportunity for us to connect with who we are and the world around us. In addition to the physical health benefits of movement, we also benefit emotionally by being able to set aside the stress from that day and the abundance of responsibilities that will be waiting for us tomorrow and just be.”

Activities to consider doing along with your children include:

“Kids look up to their parents as role models and they mirror what you do as a parent,” said Mariah Pridey, Wellpower Health Coach. “If they see you being active and enjoying it, they will likely do the same growing up. When we are young, that is the prime time that our bones and muscles are growing and being active helps keep them strong and healthy to avoid health complications as an adult.”

At Stormont Vail Health, all team members have access to Wellpower Services. Wellpower includes health coaching, stress management, diabetes management programs, and more. While there aren’t direct classes or programs for the family members of team members, there is still a significant impact.

“While we offer nothing specific for children, Wellpower’s work with team members affects the entire family,” said Avila. “One of our favorite parts of the work we do is when we get to hear about the cooperation within the family to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not only does this help sustain a healthier life over the long term, it also creates memories and traditions that are passed down for generations.”

“While movement is important for physical and mental health, we need to relearn that physical activity is not a responsibility we have to be healthy, rather it is something that we are lucky enough to have the ability to do. Our thinking should shift from I need to move to I get to move and enjoy moving.”

When you and your children are out and about this summer, don’t forget that a bright, hot sun comes along with all of the fun. Learn how to take care of your skin this summer from Heather Atwood, BSN, RN, Dermatology Clinic Nurse Manager!

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