10 years and counting in Manhattan!

Stormont Vail Health is celebrating a decade of health services in Manhattan since our first expansion to the area. In 2012, Stormont Vail invested in Medical Associates of Manhattan to become Cotton O’Neil Manhattan. Dr. Scott Coonrod is a primary care physician and was part of the transition from the start.

Dr. Scott Coonrod portrait

Dr. Scott Coonrod, Cotton O'Neil Manhattan Primary Care Physician

“We were just a fairly small, local internal medicine group and made group decisions in the hallway, between appointments,” Dr. Coonrod recalled. “Dr. Palmberg and Deb Yocum lead us by the hand through the transition and helped us tremendously.”

This was just the start of how Stormont Vail would grow into the Manhattan community.

Since then, we have grown to have more than two dozen providers in family medicine, internal medicine, and medical specialties (Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Health and several specialty outreach services). Stormont Vail currently serves more than 18,000 patients in Manhattan primary care, neurology, and cardiology. In addition, we have expanded ancillary services through medical imaging and a lab service that supports several area clients.

Stormont Vail and Manhattan Surgical Hospital partnered in 2019 to support and strengthen surgical and procedural health services. This collaboration helped start a spine surgery program at Manhattan Surgical Hospital. One year later, we formed an academic partnership with Kansas State University and the College of Health and Human Sciences. Through this collaboration, we have invested to support the Physician Assistant program through clinical rotations and are the primary donor for the Stormont Vail Health Simulation Lab, which provides access to adult, pediatric, infant, and trauma simulators. This program will help Kansas educate future health care providers and care for generations to come. In 2021, we proudly welcomed GI Consultants of Manhattan Gastroenterology to join Cotton O’Neil Digestive Health Manhattan.

Manhattan campus under contruction

Viewing Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus from a drone in July of 2022.

Now, next summer, our 79,000 square foot Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus will be fully operational. Investing in quality, patient-centered care is the reason Stormont Vail is creating the Manhattan Campus.

“We are really looking forward to working in the new building, having everyone and everything under one roof with X-ray, lab, and specialty medicine all together,” said Dr. Coonrod.

The facility will bring services for which the Manhattan market has a deficit, such as primary care, cardiology, infectious disease, plastics and reconstructive surgery, neurology, psychiatry and others. Expanding services available to patients include: imaging (addition of x-ray, MRI and an additional CT), full laboratory (expansion of testing capabilities to include histology), infusion services (access to infusion bays for oncology outreach and specialty medication), walk in clinic, and medical weight management.

The new building is located at 1325 Research Park Way, within the Edge Collaboration District at K-State. The facility will include state-of-the art technology in a facility designed for patients and families and will power our providers and team members with the tools, space, and resources to do their jobs well. Not to mention it stands three-stories tall and Dr. Coonrod said he’s excited primary care will be on the third floor.

“Being on the top floor of a large building on the top of a hill in tornado alley…I’ll be the first to see the twister coming,” Dr. Coonrod jokes. “But really, it will be great to have everyone together and the support of our team together. We’re really looking forward to it.”

Over these years, Stormont Vail’s momentum of growth in Manhattan has increased access to care and enabled many patients to receive care in, or near, their home community. Stormont Vail could not be more pleased with the growth and expansion happening in Manhattan and surrounding communities.

Thank you to all of our team members who have been around for the last decade including, Dr. Gilbert Katz, Dr. Scott Coonrod, Dr. Sandra Killingsworth, Dr. Preeti Singh, Dr. Roger Peck, Tiffany DeWalt, LPN, Jennifer Leonard, RN, Alianna Bowers, LPN, Linda Harris, Lana Swoboda, Kim McDiffett, and Kevin Flickinger. We are also so grateful to see our Manhattan team grow into what it is today. We appreciate all your hard work and are excited to see what we will be celebrating in the next 10 years!

Inside of construction site

Inside Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus in July of 2022.

On the side of Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus

On the side of Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus in July of 2022.

Inside Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus under construction

Inside Stormont Vail Health Manhattan Campus in July of 2022.

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