Cancer & Infusion Centers: More Than Just Great Care

Have you driven by the Infusion Center and wondered what goes on behind those doors? Or maybe you’ve noticed the construction happening near the Cancer Center and haven’t heard what expansion is taking place. Either way – let’s get you filled in on what the Stormont Vail Health Infusion Center and Cancer Center offer to our community.

Infusion Center

“Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows what we do here until they have to send a patient here or they come in as a patient themselves,” said Infusion Center Clinical Nurse Manager Stacey Perry, RN, BSN. “Some don’t even know we exist!”

“We take referrals from many different provider’s offices including KU Med Center, St. Luke’s, and Children’s Mercy to name a few, but we also provide infusion services to patients who are located in long term care facilities and rehabilitation centers. We act as the regional hub for patients whose communities do not offer infusion services.”

While maybe being one of the lesser known entities within the Stormont Vail family, this center isn’t one to be overlooked. Serving more than just Topeka, the Infusion Center sees up to 70-90 patients a day between the five registered nurses on staff at a given time.

A few of the services provided are IV antibiotics, monoclonal antibody treatments, blood product transfusions, iron transfusions, and more. Patients with acute and chronic conditions can be seen and there are pharmacy services located on site as well.

“There are so many experienced nurses who are able to provide wonderful care while being kind and reassuring. We are a comprehensive infusion center so there is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) always here while patients are being seen to provide oversite and medical management of patients as needed.”

Cancer Center

While the title Cancer Center seems pretty self-explanatory, there’s much more love, hard-work, care, and dedication that goes into the everyday of this Stormont Vail center. Services include Pet Scans, X-Rays, lab, research, biotherapy, immunotherapy, social work, chemotherapy, and others.

One of the main differences between treatments and therapies that can be received at the Cancer Center versus the Infusion Center is the certification tied to chemotherapy due to the regimens being very complex in nature.

“So many patients will share when they come, ‘I didn’t even know that all of this existed and I didn’t even realize that you guys were here and I’m so thankful you are,’” said Cancer Center Treatment Room Clinical Nurse Manager Katie Kaberline, RN, BSN, OCN. “We want people in the community to realize that yes, the word cancer is scary, but there are people here to help walk through it with you and help get you through it.”

The Expansion and Renovation

Stormont Vail is excitedly awaiting the new Infusion Center expansion that will be located on the north side of the Cancer Center. The new addition is on track for its opening later this year!

“The expansion will bring the infusion center over to the current cancer center which will be helpful for patients because we send patients there often,” said Kaberline. “Our treatment room will get 11 more chairs so we will have 39! It’s going to be great – there will be more consult rooms and just all-around a more conducive environment for patients and their families.”

Alongside the Cancer Center gaining more space, the Infusion Center is also gaining seven more rooms and an expansive waiting room that will host patients and visitors comfortably.

“We have quickly outgrown our current space and have never had our own dedicated space that was designed specifically to meet the needs of our patients and staff,” said Perry. “It’s exciting to have a new, larger space that is being constructed just for us.”

We are proud to have the opportunity to serve our immediate and surrounding communities with the environment, services, and providers that will result in world-class care.

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