Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week at the Stormont Vail Health Breastfeeding Center!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and we're here to celebrate the beautiful journey of breastfeeding and all the amazing perks it brings to both moms and their adorable little angels. Let's shine a spotlight on the magic of breastfeeding and give a big shout-out to the Stormont Vail Breastfeeding Center, where moms get supercharged support and babies are showered with love!

Breastfeeding works wonders for both moms and babies. Beyond being the ultimate nutrition package, it creates an unbreakable bond of love, warmth, and security between a mom and her tiny wonder. The way breastfeeding connects hearts is pure magic – and that's what we're all about celebrating!

Stormont Vail Breastfeeding Clinic:

Empowering Moms, Nurturing Babies

The Stormont Vail Breastfeeding Center – where this magic we are talking about happens daily! Our center is made up of a team of lactation consultants and healthcare pros who are all about supporting moms on their breastfeeding journey.

No Worries, We've Got You Covered

Breastfeeding can sometimes throw us some curveballs, right? Latching issues, low milk supply, or any other concerns – they're all handled with care, kindness, and zero judgment. It's like having your own dream team of breastfeeding support.

A nurse and a baby at the Stormont Vail Health breastfeeding clinic
A mom and her baby at the Stormont Vail Health Breastfeeding Clinic
A mom about to breastfeed her baby at Stormont Vail Breastfeeding clinic

The Knowledge Boost You Need

We don't just stop at giving you a pat on the back and sending you off. The center runs workshops and educational sessions that'll turn you into a breastfeeding pro! You'll learn about all the cool stuff like the perfect latch, nailing the pumping game, and making sure you're eating right for that milk supply boost.

Community High-Fives

Who doesn't love a good cheer squad, right? We have support groups and gatherings where you can meet other moms on the same adventure. Share stories, laugh together, and know you're not alone in this magical journey.

Stormont Vail is proud to be a part of the Topeka Breastfeeding Coalition which provides resources and care to the moms and babies of our community! Outside of this resource, you can also check out the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition for more great classes and events.

Embrace those enchanting moments of breastfeeding, the giggles, the cuddles, and the heartwarming love that fills the room. To all the incredible moms out there, Happy World Breastfeeding Week – a time to celebrate the magic, the joy, and the love that breastfeeding brings into our lives!

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