Simulation Education

Stormont Vail Simulation Team

The Stormont Vail Simulation Team offers a wide range of simulation-based educational experiences, utilizing our simulation lab space and equipment.

We offer department-specific courses for Stormont Vail team members as well as tailored educational experiences for external groups. Our carefully crafted hands-on scenarios with the use of everyday used hospital equipment combined with high fidelity manikins provide an immersive learning experience that can be applied to all forms of patient care. These scenarios can range from novice to expert and challenge their skill level and give all who participate a place for personal growth. The goal of Stormont Vail simulation team is to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all learners and close as many learning gaps as possible to develop a better health care professional.

Our simulation training can be divided into three main categories:

  • Pre-briefing - This stage consists of a review of the standards of care and the body systems.
  • Scenario - A specific case designed to engage the learner with the use of high-fidelity manikins or live patients. Learners will assume various roles of health care staff and will respond as if caring for live patient.
  • Debriefing - Learners will review and reflect on the decisions made and identify what went well and what did not. The facilitator and learners will discuss ways to improve future performance and close any learning gaps.

Simulation lab equipment includes:

  • High fidelity manikins: Victoria, Super Tory, Pediatric Hal from Gaumard, Metiman and Apollo from CAE.
  • Audio/video monitoring and replay.
  • Bedside computers to assist realism of accessing patient information and documentation.
  • Additional common room equipment:
    • Crash Carts
    • EKG machines
    • Ventilator
    • Belmont pump
    • Alaris pumps
    • Zoll
    • Multiple types of beds or gurneys
    • Wall suction and oxygen delivery system
    • Simulated medications, moulage, and more!

Each simulation lab is equipped with its on audio-visual, wall monitor unit, and two-way mirror. Attached to the rooms are a control booth allowing a simulation technician the ability to change and operate the manikin according to treatment given and change per learners needs.

We do offer and provide services to the public as well. Armed Forces, civilian emergency air services, academic universities, and community groups have all utilized our services, and the numbers keep growing!