Finding Zen with Dr. Michael Smith

You’ve just been told you need spine surgery. Needless to say, you’re nervous. Spine surgery is no small operation. But you’re in so much pain you can barely stand or walk. You know how important it is to have this surgery. So there you are, sitting in the patient room, dreading the next step.

However, something happens that you weren’t expecting. A calm comes over the room. Your heart rate begins to slow and your breathing eases. You are experiencing the phenomenon known as “The Dr. Smith Serenity.”

Dr. Michael Smith emits an essence of calm. His laid-back demeanor and easygoing nature creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Even in the most stressful situations, he makes you feel reassured and comfortable.

Dr. Smith is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spine care. And when we say, “Specializes,” we mean special. Dr. Smith is leading the way in minimally invasive spine surgery. He performs a unique procedure where he operates on the spine by going through a patient’s side.

When asked about this procedure, Dr. Smith simply shrugged and answered, “I guess it’s sort of unique.”

Luckily, Daniel Ruiz, PA-C, was in the room to clarify. “He’s being humble,” Ruiz smiled. “He doesn’t like to brag about himself!”

Don’t let Dr. Smith’s humbleness and tranquility fool you. He is a magnificent orthopedic surgeon. “Dr. Smith starts his process the day before surgery,” Ruiz said. “He looks through past surgeries, X-rays and MRIs and comes in with questions, so I know he’s been thinking about it. He is very focused in the operating room.”

After 26 years with Stormont Vail Health, Dr. Smith is one of our most experienced orthopedic surgeons. In all these years of being a surgeon, he has never lost sight of what matters most. “When patients come back [following surgery] and they’re better and you’ve helped them to get better and made a positive influence in their life, that’s what I enjoy the most.”

Discover “The Dr. Smith Serenity” firsthand and hear what he has to say about minimally invasive spine surgery by visiting his provider page.

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