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The Foundation

Healing. Teaching. Caring. Stormont-Vail HealthCare has been serving the  community - for decades. It has also contributed to the health and healing of our region by teaching caregivers through its school of nursing, continuing education and certification programs. Many Kansans have in some way been the beneficiaries of its mission and service. And as generations before, you may have counted on Stormont-Vail's care. Through the Stormont-Vail Foundation you can help ensure that generations to come can do the same.

Giving is the natural response to receiving. Some give time, others give talent and some give their treasures. The Stormont-Vail Foundation offers all who wish to give many options to do so.

Thanks to charitable donations, the Stormont-Vail Foundation during the past year was able to help improve the health of the community by supporting patient care services and community health education programs in many ways. Learn how you can make the world a better place, starting with charitable giving to the Stormont-Vail Foundation.

2014 Foundation Report