Growing in all the Right Places: Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills Campus

Geary Community Hospital (GCH), located in Junction City, Kansas was struggling to keep their doors open to the public and to serve their community’s healthcare needs. Stormont Vail Health has a deep belief system that centers around helping those in need, which doesn’t stop outside the hospital or clinic doors. That’s why Stormont Vail began to transition GCH into the Stormont Vail Flint Hills Campus.

“Junction City needs a hospital, and the way it was going, it didn’t look like they were going to be able to keep one here,” said Killian Wood, Flint Hills Marketing and Communications Specialist. “Having quality healthcare, as well as the ability to provide the many jobs that Stormont Vail Hospital does, is vital to Junction City.”

However, when GCH began the process of becoming Stormont Vail, it would be a monumentous change for team members who had worked diligently and lovingly for this organization to accept new leadership, systematic changes, and new colleagues to work alongside.

“I knew I would miss GCH and the level of comfort and familiarity, but I also knew it would be good to have Stormont Vail take over and provide healthcare for this community. I’m so grateful for Stormont Vail coming here,” said Armand ‘Cornell’ Lawrence, respiratory therapist at Flint Hills. “Since Stormont Vail took over, I think we are becoming more organized with the systems being implemented. We’ve received updated equipment, supplies, and training. We’re still getting used to Stormont’s way of doing things, but I think it’s going to be great once we are comfortable.”

Now, there is another entire community getting revitalized and rejuvenated by the Stormont Vail presence in town. Junction City is a beautiful place to explore, grow, raise a family, and now, find a job in healthcare.

“I think what GCH becoming Stormont Vail Flint Hills means for the community is that there will be high quality healthcare available in Junction City in the ‘long run’,” said Wood. “The jobs, healthcare, and involvement that Stormont Vail Flint Hills brings to the community is incredibly impactful on Junction City’s ability to grow and excel as a community.”

“We would have lost many community members without a hospital,” said Melanie Griffin, Flint Hills Manager of Case Management and Post-Acute Care. “We also wouldn’t be able to support our elderly and frail population or attract other businesses. I truly believe the change has saved our community.”

Stormont Vail is so excited to be a part of the Junction City community and cannot wait to watch as high-quality healthcare, close to home, continues to help this city flourish. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Flint Hills Campus and making a difference in your community – apply now!

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