October 2022 Person of the Moment: Kim Mizell, LPN

Help us to celebrate our October Person of the Moment at Stormont Vail Health! Kim Mizell, LPN, went above and beyond during a patient’s extreme time of need. It was because of her continued dedication and acts of service that our patient was able to receive the care that he needed.

When Kim Mizell had a patient whose labs came back showing a severe lack of Vitamin K, she took no time jumping into action. After calling the patient, patient’s spouse, and patient’s home number multiple times, but receiving no response, Kim called for a wellness check to be done. Furthermore, Kim then took time out of her personal day to go to the patient’s house and inform him that his lab continued to be at a critical level and needed immediate treatment.

Just when things seemed on track, Kim discovered yet another hurdle – the patient’s pharmacy was out of Vitamin K. Fortunately, Kim and her teammates never give up; after calling multiple pharmacies, they were able to locate the needed prescription.

During the office visit it was discovered that the patient’s phone had somehow blocked all calls from Stormont Vail – which we later helped to unblock. Due to Kim’s perseverance, a pharmacy with Vitamin K in stock was finally found, the patient received the care they needed, and we were able to assist with the unblocking of Stormont Vail’s phone number to assure that the patient and their spouse would receive the communication they needed pertaining to their health.

We are in amazement at the lengths our team members will go to give the quality care promised. Congratulations on this award, Kim, you deserve it! Thank you for being an integral part of our family.

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