Proud to be Inclusive

Stormont Vail Health shows strong dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion every day as they are instrumental characteristics in the safe, full, and quality healthcare everyone deserves.

Celebrating Pride Month is something we love to do because we love supporting our team members, patients, and loved ones who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“I believe Stormont is very inclusive to not only patients in the LGBTQIA+ community, but employees as well,” said Makenna Davis, RN, BSN. “I know many team members who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and I know even more who are allies. Overall, I feel as if Stormont is an ally to the community; we offer quality care to everyone and respect our patients for who they are. We embrace our patients and our employees.”

Makenna Davis, RN, BSN
Makenna Davis, RN, BSN

For all of our team members and patients, Stormont Vail strives to ensure everyone feels safe under any and all circumstances. This means putting into place strategies and policies that serve inclusivity for all.

New Employee Orientation

“I've never been fully out anywhere I've worked until now,” said JenJo, MSN, RNC-OB. “During New Employee Orientation at Stormont Vail, someone from the DEI department was talking about their role in the organization and some of their initiatives. It felt good, and safe, to be joining an organization that was putting in the effort to be inclusive. Walking the hospital halls, I see other openly queer people and it continually reinforces that we are welcome here, and more importantly that we are SAFE here.”

Employee Benefits and Resources

Stormont Vail supports all employees by covering domestic partners/same-sex partners on employee benefits, supports adoption, and offers childcare for children of all team members. There are resources offered on the organization intranet for employees to get information about name and pronoun changes and how to navigate employment in general as a queer person.

Patient Care

“I want other queer people to know that if they are a patient, visitor, family member, vendor, volunteer, or employee, they are welcome and safe at Stormont,” said JenJo. “We have a section in our electronic charting system to put information about gender identity, pronouns, sexuality, chosen name, and more. Gender-affirming care is so important for our patients and their families and I feel like Stormont truly makes an effort to be affirming.”

Stormont Vail wants our community to know that this is a safe place for anyone who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community to receive care.

“Our employees are dedicated to offering the best care to our patients and strive to meet any and all expectations,” said Davis. “We respect you, your pronouns, and believe your care is important. We truly want our patients to feel comfortable and confident in the care they're receiving. We believe our patients have a voice, and we encourage everyone's voices to be heard.”

No matter where you are in the hospital or clinics, there is always an ally or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community to make sure that everyone is receiving the best care possible.

“We are all just humans who want to be loved and respected and have access to affordable, amazing healthcare experiences and nothing should change that,” said Maryah Wampler, PCT. “Who we love, who we are, and how we choose to express ourselves should never be a factor in our healthcare treatment and luckily at Stormont Vail, that has never been the case.”

Maryah Wampler, PCT
Maryah Wampler, PCT

Stormont Vail is PROUD to serve this community and everyone in it. If you’re ready to get the full, inclusive healthcare you deserve, visit us today.

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