At Stormont Vail Health, our nephrology providers are all board-certified in both nephrology and hypertension. They are required to have ongoing education to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in treatment, patient safety, and providing quality health care. This means that your physician is committed to providing exceptional, advanced care.


Nephrologists treat diseases of the kidneys. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs located near the middle of the back, under the rib cage. Each kidney contains about 1 million tiny structures called nephrons, which are responsible for filtering the waste and extra fluids from the blood, sending needed minerals from the blood back into the bloodstream and removing waste. The final product they create is urine.

Many people with kidney disease also need to be treated for hypertension. This is high blood pressure — the force of blood pushing against the blood vessel walls is consistently too high.

As you go through treatment for kidney disease or hypertension, we recommend that you continue to see your primary care provider. They can provide other services, such as annual physical exams or immunizations, to make sure that your body is healthy and strong.

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