Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills team ‘clears the list’ to welcome international Lab Technicians

“It takes a village.”

This proverb has become ingrained at the Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills Campus. This team is one that understands it takes many, together, to achieve common goals. When news that the Flint Hills Campus lab staff would be welcoming four new lab techs from the Philippines, this proverb once again, rang true.

Travelers will cross approximately 8,000 miles when coming to Kansas from the Philippines. Not only is it a long trip, but a move like that also means starting fresh in a completely new environment without anyone to lean on – or at least that’s what our four new lab techs thought. Little did the traveling lab techs know back in Kansas, the Flint Hills Campus was beyond excited to meet their new ‘family’ members and were working hard to make them feel welcomed. Flint Hills Campus team members decided that one of the best actions to take would be finding a house for the lab techs to live in and make it completely move-in ready.

Weeks before the lab techs were to arrive, a list was brought to the Flint Hills morning meeting. This list contained more than 50 items necessary to make this house a true home, relieving as much stress and worry as possible for the new techs. After passing it around the room, it took less then 24 hours for all the items on the list to be claimed, from trash bags to a washer and dryer, pots and pans, towels, bedroom and living room furniture, and much more.

The list was taken care of so quickly, that other departments and team members became creative with how they showed their excitement and love.

The Information Systems team made their way over to help set up the WiFi and cable. Facilities was able to help move furniture and make sure all the rooms were set-up and in prime condition for their new teammates. Everyone put in time, effort, and heart – fully committed to making the new lab techs immediately feel at home in Kansas.

Finally, there to welcome the new team members, in three different trips, as they landed in Kansas City, was Ruth Dela Cruz, Regional Manager of Laboratory Services. Thank you to every team member at Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills who came together to welcome our new team members.

This is what We Together means – it takes a village to succeed!

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