General Surgery

If you’ve ever had an appendectomy, you’ve probably been treated by a general surgeon. These specialists perform an array of surgeries, from removing tumors to repairing a severely broken bone.


The general surgeons at Stormont Vail Health take a team-based approach by closely working with other surgeons and medical specialists in the clinic and in the operating room. For example, if you’re having a malignant tumor removed, general surgeons will work closely with your oncologist or other specialists.

If you need surgery, you might have a lot of concerns. Our surgeons provide pre-operative and post-operative education to patients, helping you understand what to expect after surgery and how to accelerate your healing process.

Before surgery, your general surgeon also can connect you to materials that can help you understand your condition and symptoms, as well as any resources you might need for recovery, such as financial counseling or other patient services.

Treatment & Procedures

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