We Celebrate Hannah Deviney, BSN, RN, DAISY Award Recipient

Nurses go above and beyond daily to provide patients and families with excellent care. At the Stormont Vail Health Hospital Acute Medical Specialties Department in Topeka, the 7 West Post-Surgical team prepares patients recovering from surgery for the next level of care by stabilizing their physiological and cognitive wellbeing.

Of course, accomplishing this goal requires significant expertise, but sometimes, as Hannah Deviney, BSN, RN, at 7 West Post-Surgical found, it’s the smallest actions that make the biggest impact. For this reason, we celebrate Hannah for receiving the DAISY Award!

The DAISY Award celebrates and recognizes nurses who go the extra mile as a way to thank them for the care and compassion they provide. Hannah, who has provided exceptional care at Stormont Vail since 2022, received a nomination from a patient she cared for in 7 West.

“You always made eye contact with me when you were talking to me,” her patient wrote in the nomination. “You also explained every med you were giving me and what it was for. It was nice to have a little chat when it was too late to call my family. You told me it was okay to let you know what hurts. So I did. I hope you are recognized.”

Hannah, we know you became a nurse because you have an authentic passion for helping others. We know you create small moments like the one your patient described because you genuinely love your profession and making a difference. We know you do all of these things with or without recognition because you encompass the spirit of what the DAISY Award celebrates.

The attention you gave your patient both inspires and reminds us why small moments matter. We appreciate your dedication to your profession, our patients, and our organization!

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