We Celebrate James Sellers, BSN, RN, DAISY Award Recipient

Nurses go above and beyond daily to provide patients and families with excellent care. For James Sellers, BSN, RN, a charge nurse in the Cotton O’Neil Neurosurgery and Spine Center, exceeding expectations is part of the job. For this reason, we celebrate James for receiving the DAISY Award.

The DAISY Award celebrates and recognizes nurses who go the extra mile as a way to thank them for the care and kindness they provide. James, whom Stormont Vail previously honored as the June 2022 Person of the Moment, received a nomination from a patient for delivering exceptional patience, care, and respect.

James oversees scheduling, nursing assignments, admissions, discharges, transfers, and other administrative duties as a charge nurse. In addition to management duties, James also provides bedside care, as was the case the night he met the patient who nominated him.

James, congratulations on winning the DAISY Award! You treat every day as a new opportunity to serve those around you, and we are better because of it. We genuinely appreciate your relentless commitment to nursing, our patients, and our organization.

Do you know a nurse who deserves recognition for demonstrating extraordinary compassionate care? Submit a nomination to the DAISY Foundation. Please include the nominated individual’s name, what the candidate did that made a difference, and how the experience made you feel.

Read James’s Full Nomination:

“I was in the hospital after a terrible accident. Either the hospital was short-staffed, or I was a difficult patient because James, a charge nurse, was also my nurse one night.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, its excuses. Sometimes, it feels like you hear a lot of those, but that wasn’t the case with James. He is so smart and helpful!

James never once complained or tried to give me excuses. He never made me feel rushed, like a burden, or ignored. Instead, he worked his hardest to provide top-notch care and anticipate my needs.

Nurses like James give the nursing profession the respect they deserve. Stormont Vail is lucky to have such a knowledgeable, selfless, caring, and memorable nurse and leader in their organization.

I’ll remember James, the care he provided me in my time of need, his great attitude, and helpful suggestions that made my hospitalization better, more comfortable, and a good experience. Thank you so much.”

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