We Celebrate Melissa Evans, BSN, RN, C-EFM, DAISY Award Winner

Nurses go above and beyond daily to provide patients and families with excellent care. For Melissa Evans, BSN, RN, C-EFM, at the Stormont Vail Health Topeka Campus Hospital Birthplace, going beyond expectations ensures she gives new mothers and babies the best possible start. For this reason, we celebrate Melissa for receiving the DAISY Award.

The DAISY Award celebrates and recognizes nurses who go the extra mile as a way to thank them for the care and compassion they provide. Melissa, who has provided nearly a decade of service at Stormont Vail, received two nominations from families she cared for.

Giving birth is stressful, even in the best times. But it was terrifying for one of Melissa’s patients, whose labor unexpectedly started five weeks early. However, Melissa turned the situation around by empathetically and expertly guiding both parents through a difficult delivery and going out of her way to comfort their two-year-old with snacks and games throughout their 12-hour stay.

Melissa, congratulations on winning the DAISY Award! You treat every aspect of your role with the same care and dedication you give our newest patients, and we are better because of it. We are deeply grateful for your authentic commitment to nursing, our patients, and our organization.

Do you know a nurse who deserves recognition for demonstrating extraordinary compassionate care? Submit a nomination to the DAISY Foundation. Please include the nominated individual’s name, what the candidate did that made a difference, and how the experience made you feel.

Read Melissa’s Full Nominations:

“I would like to recognize Melissa for the exceptional service she provided to my family during the most difficult day of our lives. My wife was 35 weeks pregnant and sent from Fort Riley to Stormont Vail by ambulance in April of 2023 at approximately 4:00 a.m. after determining her water broke and she would deliver a premature baby.

I’m an active-duty service member and couldn’t identify anyone to look after my two-year-old son, so I could drive to be with my wife. I received a phone call from her not long after she arrived at Stormont Vail, where she informed me that the nurse (Melissa) would begin inducing labor and made special accommodations so I could be there while also caring for my son. After receiving that call, I hesitantly made my way to Stormont Vail with my son, completely unsure what to expect.

Melissa immediately put me at ease upon arrival. My wife and I still cannot believe how well Melissa treated us for those next 12 hours. She immediately made us feel at home, all while providing expert medical care to my wife. She provided a thorough explanation of what was happening with my wife and proficiently answered any questions we had. How Melissa conveyed the information immediately elevated our confidence and somehow brought bliss into the room. My wife and I would remain optimistic; it felt like we were supposed to be there that day.

Melissa also brought plenty of snacks and even a bag of toys for our son. She continued distributing them to him throughout the entire day, ensuring he remained entertained and behaved as the labor continued and the baby became closer to delivery.

Melissa’s ‘toy delivery’ method was striking because the toys progressively were enhanced to where our son was totally engaged in playing. Our son began the day with a coloring book and finished the evening with dinosaurs, racecars, a Spiderman book, and a light-up bouncy ball. At no time did my wife or I think our son was a burden or unwanted in that delivery room.

My wife and I will never forget the care that Melissa provided for our family during the day that started as one of the most unexpected, frightful, and confusing but ended as the most hopeful, thankful, and joyous. I wish that all women, including my healthy baby girl, are blessed with a nurse like Melissa when their day comes for them to bring life into the world.”

“I was at SV in July of 2022 to deliver my first child. From the moment that Melissa’s shift began, I instantly felt relieved and much more comfortable. I had been in terrible pain all night. Melissa stepped in right away and made a call to anesthesia to adjust my epidural. This made a world of difference almost instantly. My labor did not go as planned. I was scared, terrified even. Melissa was the only reason I was able to stay remotely calm. She did not leave my side ALL DAY! At one point, I was begging her to take her lunch break! She went above and beyond in all aspects of our care. I truly feel like I would not have survived without her! My husband and I have talked about Melissa and her calmness, grace, friendliness, knowledge, and helpfulness every single day since we left Stormont 3 weeks ago. As a nurse practitioner myself, I am simply blown away by Melissa. She is one of the best nurses I have had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you so much, Melissa. I truly could not have done it without you!”

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