We Recognize Elizabeth Herman, March Person of the Moment

Ultrasonographers help patients better understand their medical situation by providing a clearer picture of their health. While their technical expertise empowers and educates patients to make informed decisions, their compassion is equally important to providing much-needed reassurance during uncertain moments.

Elizabeth Herman, an ultrasonographer at the Cotton O’Neil Heart Center, doesn’t need scanners and tests to see when others need someone to turn to. After her last patient of the day coded during an ECHO test, Elizabeth encountered his distraught wife and didn’t think twice about reaching out with comfort and support. For this reason, we recognize Elizabeth as March Person of the Moment!

“Lizzy Herman went to the ICU to complete an echocardiogram on her last patient of the day. Toward the end of her study, the patient went into V-fib and coded. We had communicated that Lizzy would send her study and prepare the images for reading since the code was called.

I went to the ICU to check on Lizzy as the end of our shift neared. Once we could get the equipment out of the room while the code continued, we headed to our department to read the study. On the way, we passed the patient’s wife in the hallway. Lizzy passed the ultrasound machine to me, and when I turned around, she stopped to console the wife and assure her she would be thinking of her family that evening.

Seeing Lizzy step out of her sonographer role into that of the consoler as she comforted the patient’s loved one during such a difficult time was incredibly touching. She always has a positive attitude toward her coworkers and patients. She displays compassion and dignity in all she does, as both a sonographer and colleague. We’re lucky to have Lizzy on our team!”

Elizabeth’s kindness embodies our first tenet: “Together, we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.”

Elizabeth, thank you for your continuous care and commitment to our patients and your profession – and congratulations on your recognition as March Person of the Moment!

About the Person of the Moment Award

The Person of the Moment Award recognizes the unsung heroes across Stormont Vail Health. To qualify, the nominee must perform a ​​specific act, no matter how small, demonstrating behavior that aligns with our five tenets and creates a meaningful connection with a patient, visitor, or team member.

This award is open to all Stormont Vail Health team members, excluding directors and members of the Operating Committee. When the Operating Committee selects a Person of the Moment each month, they notify the individual’s department and organize a small recognition ceremony. Additionally, the year’s awardees receive more recognition during the annual awards banquet.

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