We Recognize TaJion Smith, May Person of the Moment

Integrity and Compliance professionals ensure organizations stay up-to-date on all regulatory and licensing requirements per company, state, and federal laws. In healthcare settings, their work supports the highest standards of patient care and ethical behavior by maintaining patient safety and improving care quality—all while keeping health systems’ business operations compliant with regulatory practices.

These professionals also engage with team members to build trust and provide support. Creating these connections is essential for team members to feel comfortable reporting compliance issues. To achieve this, compliance specialists need excellent interpersonal skills and compassion—two traits that TaJion Smith, Integrity and Compliance Specialist at Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, embodies.

TaJion’s impeccable attention to detail is only matched by the attention he gives every person he encounters, exemplifying our first tenet: “Together, we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.” The confidence and transparency he fosters across our health system has nurtured trust in our ability to meet the needs of our patients and team members alike. For this reason, we proudly recognize TaJion as our May Person of the Moment!

“TaJion’s efforts have been phenomenal and outstanding over the last few months. His dedication to his job and interactions with other team members in the organization includes a strong sense of compassion and loyalty. He’s committed and always has a positive, driven attitude when it comes to helping others, no matter what he’s asked, even if it’s something new. His confidence and interactions with our team and patients have been nothing short of what we here at Stormont Vail believe in.

One thing about TaJion is his communication and interpersonal skills. He often communicates with team members and patients throughout the hospital and auxiliary areas. TaJion’s transparency within the workplace includes accountability and honesty. I genuinely believe these traits align with Stormont Vail’s five tenets. He continues to go above and beyond and treat all patients, visitors, and team members with compassion and dignity.

TaJion, you are an invaluable member of our team, and it’s wonderful to have you in our organization. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.”

TaJion, thank you for your commitment to ensuring our organization operates with integrity and in our patient’s best interests, and congratulations on your recognition!

About the Person of the Moment Award

The Person of the Moment Award celebrates the unsung heroes across Stormont Vail and encourages us all to continue making a difference in our everyday work. To qualify, the nominee must perform a specific act, no matter how small, demonstrating behavior that aligns with our five tenets and creates a meaningful connection with a patient, visitor, or team member.

This award is open to all Stormont Vail Health team members, excluding directors and members of the Operating Committee. When the Operating Committee selects a Person of the Moment each month, it notifies the individual’s department and organizes a small recognition ceremony. Additionally, the year’s awardees receive more recognition during the annual awards banquet.

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