We Recognize Wallace Brennan, December Person of the Moment

Patients with special healthcare needs, such as physical, cognitive, or developmental impairments, often need extra support. Unfortunately, finding these much-needed resources to meet these needs can be overwhelming for both patients and their caregivers.

That’s where education program specialists like Wallace Brennan come in. These professionals offer education and assistance to help patients and their families manage special healthcare needs so patients enjoy healthy, whole lives when they leave the hospital or clinic.

We recognize Wallace as December’s Person of the Moment for going above and beyond to help a family bring their newborn home from the Flint Hills Campus Hospital.

“Wally is our health system’s AHA Coordinator and spends most of his time at the Flint Hills Campus. Recently, he was made aware of a family at Flint Hills whose child was born with special needs. The parents needed CPR and First Aid certification before they could take their child home to a safe environment where they would be ready to act in case of a health problem.

The parents didn’t have much money to spend, so they inquired about free or low-cost CPR training in the area. Wally attempted to find a class for them but discovered that certification courses were either difficult to schedule or very expensive. So, Wally, an AHA instructor, trained the family in CPR and First Aid for free, on his own time, and paid for their certification cost out of his own pocket.

Wally’s big heart and dedication to preparing members of our community to take care of each other have never been more apparent. We are so proud to have him on our team!”

Wallace’s kindness aligns with our second tenet: “Together, we own patient safety and the patient experience. We provide safe, high-quality care with a kind and generous spirit.”

Wallace, we’re so grateful to have you on our team. Your generosity and dedication to others are an inspiration. You deserve this acknowledgment – congratulations on your recognition as December Person of the Moment!

About the Person of the Moment Award

The Person of the Moment Award recognizes the unsung heroes across Stormont Vail Health. To qualify, the nominee must perform a ​​specific act, no matter how small, demonstrating behavior that aligns with our five tenets and creates a meaningful connection with a patient, visitor, or team member.

This award is open to all Stormont Vail Health team members, excluding directors and members of the Operating Committee. When the Operating Committee selects a Person of the Moment each month, they notify the individual’s department and organize a small recognition ceremony. Additionally, the year’s awardees receive more recognition during the annual awards banquet.

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