We Together: A Communication of Stormont Vail Health (July 07, 2022)

Dear Community Partners,

Here are today’s updates:

  • Meet Stormont Vail’s Career Counselor Quincy Bocquin
  • “To Your Health” on WIBW-TV Tonight: Safe Sleep for Babies

Meet Stormont Vail’s Career Counselor Quincy Bocquin

Meet Quincy Bocquin, our new Career Counselor at Stormont Vail Health!

After observing at Stormont Vail Health during her high school years and then earning her BA in Psychology from Washburn University, Quincy is excited to start this new role within the Human Resources Department. The job of a career counselor is to help existing Stormont Vail Health employees reach their career goals or aspirations; to help them further their career and passions. Not only does Quincy meet with and help current employees, but she also  makes connections with anyone who may be interested in a career with Stormont Vail Health, but is not sure what to do or where to start.

When asked what her favorite part is about her new position, Quincy stated, “I think it has been just getting to know the organization and the people that work here. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for people and helping them get there because I feel like sometimes we just need someone to come along side us and push us. I hope that this role, or this team, can do that for Stormont team members. The best part is seeing those little victories.”

Quincy’s passion and excitement for this new job, is evident: “This was a goal for me, so reaching it, I’m just kind of basking in it!” She is ready to help the people around her have that same sense of contentment in reaching their career goals, no matter what they may be. Please welcome Quincy Bocquin to our Stormont Vail Health team!

 “To Your Health” on WIBW-TV Tonight: Safe Sleep for Babies

Hear from Danielle Twemlow, Birthplace educator and safe sleep instructor, about a safe sleep environment for babies on tonight’s “To Your Health” segment at 10 p.m. on WIBW-TV, Channel 13.

President Joe Biden signed the Safe Sleep for Babies Act that prohibits manufacturers and retailers from making or selling padded crib bumpers and inclined sleepers because of the risk of suffocation. The segment will typically repeat at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Fridays on 13 News This Morning and be posted on

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