Celebrating 100 Restorative Circles

A Remarkable Milestone

At Stormont Vail Health, restorative circles have proven to be an invaluable tool for fostering connection, empathy, and understanding among our healthcare system’s dedicated team members.

The 100th Restorative Circle took place with the administrative assistants to vice presidents & senior vice presidents of Stormont Vail, bringing together a group of individuals who play crucial behind-the-scenes roles in our operations. This milestone is a testament to the enduring commitment of Stormont Vail Health to nurture a supportive and cohesive work environment.

Kate Burns MFS, BS, Organizational Development Consultant, reflects on the impact of these circles, estimating that around 1,000 team members have participated.

Moments That Matter

While maintaining the confidentiality of the stories shared during Restorative Circles is of utmost importance, there have been countless moments of profound connection and empathy. Through these circles, employees have shared stories that have brought tears of both joy and sadness, touching the hearts of those involved.

Kate Burns mentions that these stories have "brought greater understanding and also set the foundation on which relationships have been built through relatability." The Avett Brothers' song, "Live & Die," echoes this sentiment: "You and I, we’re the same. Live & Die, we’re the same. Hear my voice, know my name. You and I are the same." Restorative Circles have revealed the profound interconnectedness of the Stormont Vail Health team, transcending differences and bringing individuals closer together.

Stories Shared from Stormont Employees

The heart of Stormont Vail Health beats with the stories of its incredible team members, and Restorative Circles has provided the stage for these stories to shine.

Kathleen Kinsler, Manager of Inpatient PT, OT, and Speech Therapy, shares how these circles have transformed the workplace: "The circles have allowed individuals to open up, share their stories, knowing it is a safe place. We have been able to understand better and connect with each other.” In the comforting setting of Restorative Circles, employees have discovered sharing their thoughts and feelings is not just encouraged; it's celebrated.

Dena Brake, the Manager of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Development, said, "Being an engaged employee requires the organization to provide a culture/climate where they feel like they matter. Allowing employees to engage in restorative circles, to build community and empathy, while on the clock is an unmatched support towards building a culture/climate that we can all be proud of." These circles aren't just about empathy; they're about creating a culture where every voice is cherished, where every story adds to the Stormont Vail family.

Administrative Director of Surgical Services, Brint Baker, shares the profound impact Restorative Circles have had on the surgical teams: "Circles have had a profoundly positive impact on our surgical teams. They’ve allowed us to put focus on a restorative mindset and provide an outside-the-box venue for team members to learn more about their colleagues." In these circles, assumptions give way to understanding, frustration to curiosity, and colleagues become more than just coworkers; they become allies in a shared mission.

A Hundred Circles, Countless Bonds

Stormont Vail Health's 100th Restorative Circle is not just a milestone; it’s a celebration! Through these circles, stories have been shared, and bonds have grown stronger. This is the heart of Stormont Vail —people coming together to support, understand, and uplift one another.

Congratulations to Stormont Vail Health on this incredible milestone. The best is yet to come!


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