COVID Testing

Scheduling a COVID-19 Test at Stormont Vail Health

  • The “Call Before You Go” line at (785) 354-6000 will continue to provide guidance for those with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Patients experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms seeking testing and to be seen by a provider can go to Express Care locations or contact their primary care provider.
  • Patients with an upcoming procedure that requires an overnight hospital stay will receive COVID-19 testing at the Outpatient Lab in the North Tower of the hospital (near Hospital Registration). The scheduling will continue to be done through surgical clinics.

Please allow three days for results, so plan accordingly to receive test results before traveling or attending an event.

A Stormont Vail team member will call you if your results are positive.

You will receive a text or email from Stormont Vail if your results are negative.

All results will also be posted to your MyChart.

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