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COVID-19 Vaccine

Moving into Phase 2

Stormont Vail Health remains ready to move into Phase 2 of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Vaccine Prioritization Plan as soon as an additional allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine is received. Further information about how eligible populations can schedule their vaccine at the Stormont Vail COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic will be available soon. Please check back on this site for up-to-date information or call the vaccination information hotline at (785) 270-0675.
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Who’s eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

Updated January 20. 2021

*scheduling at the Stormont Vail Health COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is currently closed while we await our next allocation of vaccines.

Following the  Vaccine Prioritization Plan, we are now in Phase 2 and offering the COVID-19 vaccine to:

  • Phase 2 release coming soon
  • Health care workers
  • Long-term care staff and residents
  • Workers critical to pandemic response continuity

Vaccination Planning

Recommendations for each phase will take many factors into account, including each vaccine’s characteristics, vaccine supply, disease epidemiology, and local community factors.  Stormont Vail Health will follow guidance from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Kansas COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

Vaccine Phases by Population |  Espanol

Vaccine Prioritization Plan |  Espanol

Immunization with a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is a critical component to reducing COVID-19-related illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths and to help restore societal functioning. The more people who receive it, the better the immunity in the community, which will result in less spread of the virus.

Benefits of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Answering your Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine

We do not have any control over what vaccine allocation we will receive, but we do know as one of the few sites equipped to handle ultra-cold storage, we will likely preferentially be provided Pfizer. There may be points where people will have the ability to choose, but that is entirely an unknown, and given equivalent efficacy there really isn’t literature to support a reason to avoid vaccination when one is available to hope for the availability of the other.

The vaccine will be administered in phases due to limited availability.

Stormont Vail Health will provide updates on their website at www.stormontvail.org/covid19/vaccine/ and their vaccine hotline at (785) 270-0675 as they are available.

Everyone should continue to follow the precautions in place to continue to protect each other from spreading the virus. Washing your hands, social distancing, avoiding large crowds and wearing a mask will continue to be the best way to protect our families and ourselves.

Yes! Until there is mass vaccination, there will still be a need to follow the precautions put in place. The vaccine is one tool to prevent the spread of the virus, everyone needs to continue to wash their hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing and avoid large crowds.

Both vaccines are new and the results are still being tracked and reviewed by each company. Until the vaccine has been in use for a period of time, we won’t know how long immunity lasts or what the long-term effects will be.

The vaccine is safe! This vaccine has followed normal procedures that are in place including testing and FDA approval. With a worldwide focus on creating a vaccine, this vaccine was created with more resources than typical medications have. As with any medication or vaccine, there are possible side effects that include:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain

Both vaccines will require two doses. Pfizer requires the doses to be 21 days apart while Moderna requires the doses to be 28 days apart.

The vaccine is being provided at no cost to patients; however, there is an administration fee. Patients will need to check with their insurance company on coverage for that. Most major insurers are expected to cover it at 100%. There is financial assistance available for uninsured patients.


There is not enough evidence as to how long a previously infected person is protected from COVID-19 but current data suggests immunity for the first 90 days after infection.

No. There is no live virus in the vaccine.

Volunteering at Stormont Vail for Vaccine Distribution (Coming Soon)

We anticipate the need for extra help when the vaccine is ready for distribution. If you are interested in volunteering for a clinical or non-clinical role, please fill out this form so that we can reach out when the time is ready.

Please check back often for updates regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination.