Nursing Residency Program

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Overview of Program

The Nursing Residency Program at Stormont Vail Health provides residents with the opportunity to transition into their career with the support and encouragement of leaders and team members. Committed to the growth and development of staff, we empower your journey to be well-positioned to lead with confidence and competency under the foundation of excellence.

Stormont Vail Health’s nursing residency program designed to transition recent nursing grads, new nurse managers and new nurse hires into the practice, well-positioned and ready to lead with confidence and competency. Surround yourself with encouragement and support committed to your growth and development.

Nurse Residency Tracks

The Residency Program Includes:

Advantages of Nurse Residency Program

  • Increased RN job satisfaction
  • Decreased Job Turnover
  • Improved Retention
  • Improved Performance – transition to the practice setting is more fulfilling for everyone in the work environment
  • Increased clinical compliance and competency
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Ensures nurses have the same core understanding of practice, policies, procedures, and resources

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