Marley Baum, RN: How opportunity at Stormont Vail Health can help you grow

Are you looking to work at an organization that supports your growth and provides you with the resources to excel? Marley Baum is a perfect example of someone who has benefitted from the culture and opportunities that Stormont Vail Health provides.

Marley was first inspired to work in the medical field when she saw the care that nurses gave her grandfather in his final days. That was when she was in sixth grade, so you might think that she would have change her mind on a career path as she grew older. However, that didn’t happen.

However, Marley held on to that inspiration and worked a part-time job in the lab at Stormont Vail while she was attending Washburn University. She was initially enrolled to study athletic training, but changed her major to nursing after she realized how much she truly loved health care.

“Getting a job in health care is so critical to helping young people figure out their exact path!” said Marley. “…I transferred within Stormont into a clinical secretary role until I finished my first semester of nursing school. Then, I could start working on the medical floor as a patient care technician (PCT).”

Since Marley was working part time at Stormont Vail, she was able to use our tuition reimbursement program to help pay for her bachelor’s degree and become an RN. After graduation, Marley started her nursing career at Stormont Vail in the ICU before taking on her current role as the house supervisor in the patient flow department.

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“This job is extremely complex and allows me to be creative and think outside of the box every day to solve staffing and capacity issues. All of these varied experiences at Stormont have helped me be successful in my career. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow."

Marley’s goal is to return to school to get her master’s degree and use our tuition reimbursement program again.

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