Pediatric Intensivist Satish Shah, M.D., Joins Stormont Vail Health

Stormont Vail Health is proud to announce that Satish Shah, M.D., has joined our medical team and will practice as a Pediatric Intensivist, located at 1500 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, Kan. 66606. Dr. Shah will work in intensive care units or emergency rooms, providing emergency medical care to children.

Dr. Shah’s approach to medicine is all about team work. From working with the patient’s family to those who are providing medical care to the child.

“It’s a bad time for the family too, so taking care of the family while their kids are in the ICU is important and very rewarding,” said Dr. Shah. “Help from the respiratory therapists, the dietitians, the pharmacists, and the nurses, of course. ICU is all about team work and as a physician, I need my team and their perspective.”

Dr. Shah believes respecting and hearing everyone’s input is how you keep the whole team motivated and working towards what is best for your patient. This, again, includes family members as well. Creating a plan of prevention with everyone who is involved is Dr. Shah’s biggest piece of advice for parents of children in the ICU.

“Prevention is better than a cure. Seeing a pediatrician frequently, having well-child visits to detect things earlier before they get worse, and staying up to date on vaccinations is all important,” said Dr. Shah.

Satish Shah, M.D., joins Stormont Vail from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston where he was a Fellow in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Prior to that, Dr. Shah completed his residency in pediatrics at the University of Toledo, was a senior resident at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal, and a pediatrics resident at All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Shah attended Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal for Medicine and Surgery. He also earned a graduate certificate in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from the University of Toledo while he was going through his residency program. He is an avid speaker and guest lecturer, part of several honorary and professional societies of medicine, has earned multiple medical awards and scholarships, and is a published researcher.

“When sick kids come in and you take care of them for a few days, and then they leave the ICU… When they’re happy, when they’re able to bring a smile to the face of their parents… I think that’s the best part.”

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