Stormont Vail is proud to provide patients with exams using state-of-the-art radiology equipment.


Everyday illnesses, such as strep throat or a urinary tract infection, can be diagnosed with a throat swab or urine test. Others diseases, such as diabetes, can often be diagnosed with a simple blood test.

But some health conditions require imaging. And that’s when you might be sent to the Radiology Department.

Radiology is the branch of medicine that involves imaging services. At Stormont Vail Health, we use many different types of imaging equipment and exams to look at the inside of your body to see how your body is functioning.

Conditions We Treat

Aortic Aneurysm

Bone Tumors

Chrohn's Disease

Sports Injuries

Vascular Anomalies

Treatment Options

Our Radiology Providers

John Ma, M.D.

Specialty: Radiation Oncology
Provider Bio

Our Radiology Locations

Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center

1414 SW 8th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66606
Location Information

Stormont Vail Hospital

1500 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604
Location Information

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