Wound Care

Our approach to care is physician-driven and involves providers from multiple specialties. This ensures that our treatments have high success rates and that patients can heal quickly and effectively.

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Sometimes, a wound is as simple as a paper cut or a scraped knee. This type of wound is usually minor and may be able to clear up on its own without needing more than a bandage or a little antiseptic cream.

However, there are some wounds that require more specialized treatment from a team of experts in wound care. That’s where the Stormont Vail Wound Care Center steps in.

The Wound Care Center offers patients access to top-notch outpatient wound care as well as hyperbaric medicine. We specialize in advanced wound care using clinical treatments, therapies and support services to treat chronic wounds.

Conditions We Treat

Diabetic Ulcers

Neuropathic & Ischemic Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

Surgical & Traumatic Wounds

Venous Insufficiency

Treatment Options

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