Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills Campus Receives Funding for New Portable X-Ray System

Stormont Vail Health is pleased to announce that the Flint Hills Campus has received funds to purchase a DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System for use by the Imaging Department. The purchase of the mobile imaging unit enhances the quality of care across the Flint Hills Campus departments, including The Birthplace, Emergency Department, Medical Surgical Unit, and Surgery Center.

Stormont Vail Health received funds for the portable X-ray system through a grant from the Patterson Family Foundation with additional funding from the Stormont Vail Foundation. The focus of both organizations includes advancing health care as a part of strengthening communities.

The new X-ray system will provide the hospital in Junction City with the highest-quality imaging equipment to better serve the community. The device replaces an existing machine that lacks stability and ensures the Imaging Department can deliver imaging services in critical situations more effectively. The new system also helps the team at the Flint Hills Campus provide patients with quicker care with greater imaging ability.

“Mobile imaging is a critical component in rural hospitals such as the Flint Hills Campus,” said Connie Wagers, regional director of Procedural and Ancillary Services at Stormont Vail Health. “Having the capability to bring imaging services directly to our patients, wherever they are in the hospital, plays an important role in providing first-class care. This update is a move toward equipping team members with the ability to provide the quality care Stormont Vail is known for.”

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