Community Health Planning

To better address, the needs of the community, Stormont Vail collaborates every 3 years with other local health experts, stakeholders and residents, to develop a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and a community health improvement plan (CHIP).

The CHNA is an important tool used for examining and prioritizing the health needs of a community. It provides insight into the current health status by a systematic collection and analysis of data and conversations with community leaders and members. The method of collecting this information is determined and implemented by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee.

The CHIP is developed from the CHNA and outlines actionable and specific interventions focused on improving the areas identified in the assessment.

2021 SNCO
Community Health Needs Assessment

2023-2025 SNCO
Community Health Improvement Plan

2022 Stormont Vail Health
Implementation Strategy

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