Team Member Support

Sometimes, knowing where to look is the hardest part of finding help. Keep reading to learn about the resources Stormont Vail Health provides team members in need.

Topeka Campus

Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Support

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care providers are available 24/7 to help team members through complex personal, spiritual, and ethical issues. These trained listeners support people of all faiths and backgrounds or those without religious affiliation without judgment, bias, or pressure with many services and supports, including:

  • Code Lavender
  • Crisis intervention
  • Grief and loss care
  • Prayer Requests
  • Spiritual assessment
  • Stress management

Paw Squad

Having a ruff day? The Paw Squad, available from the Stormont Vail Volunteer team, is here to help! Team members can visit the Paw Squad every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Pavilion Lobby inside the Topeka Campus Hospital. Or, they can request a visit with approval from their Director or Charge Nurse.

Quiet Rooms

We know our team faces many challenges and demands on a daily basis and value the need for a quiet space to breathe and be alone. To ensure team members have this opportunity, we created several areas dedicated to quiet reflection throughout the Topeka Campus Hospital.


Wellpower offers team members resources to support physical and emotional wellness, including health coaching, resiliency training, stress management, tobacco cessation program, and more.

Professional Support Assistance Line

Stormont Vail Behavioral Health created the Professional Support Assistance line to help healthcare workers quickly and easily access mental health services. This program offers in-person and virtual visits. Call (785) 270-4646 and use the phrase “professional assistance” to learn more.

HealthWell Emergency/Medical Worker Behavioral Health Fund

The HealthWell Fund helps emergency and medical workers cover out-of-pocket copayments for prescriptions, counseling, psychotherapy, and transportation to manage behavioral health concerns. For more information, including eligibility details, visit the HealthWell Emergency/Medical Worker Behavioral Health Fund page.


Financial Resources


The Employee Advisory Committee established the Helping Our Peers in Emergencies Fund to provide financial resources to team members, their spouses, or dependent children needing immediate, short-term assistance.

This employee-funded program offers up to $750 for lodging, food, clothing, or other necessities because of an unexpected, emergent, natural, or personal disaster. Visit the SVnet HOPE Fund page to find more information or apply.

Education Reimbursement Program

The Stormont Vail Foundation and Auxiliary provide educational reimbursement to enhance team members’ competence in their present jobs and prepare for future advancement at Stormont Vail. To learn more about this program or to apply, visit the SVnet Education Reimbursement Program page.

Stormont Vail Health Savings Marketplace

Stormont Vail and Working Advantage support team members’ personal and financial wellbeing by offering exclusive discounts on electronics, appliances, apparel, cars, groceries, and more. Visit the Stormont Vail Health Savings Marketplace to see available offers.


Basic Needs Support

Share Shop

The Share Shop is a collaborative effort between Cultural Ambassadors and Employee Relations to provide new or gently used clothing and accessories donated by fellow team members.

The Share Shop is located on the first-floor hallway of the Topeka Campus Hospital and is open 24/7 with ID badge access.

Team members with specific needs who can’t visit the Share Shop may contact their supervisor, a Cultural Ambassador, or call Employee Relations at (785) 354-5434 for assistance.

To learn more about the types of items available in the Share Shop or how to donate, visit the Share Shop SharePoint Site on SVnet.

Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is a free service for team members, physicians, and volunteers to sell, buy, or rent various items to co-workers. Team members can post classified ads on SVnet for furniture, bikes, cars, and other personal items. Visit the SVnet Swap Shop page to see available listings.

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