We Recognize Amanda Allen, April Person of the Moment

Nurse case managers in the Stormont Vail Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) work closely with families, physicians, and other support professionals to care for premature infants during and after hospitalization. These healthcare professionals play another vital role in providing support for the parents of NICU babies, as studies show well-supported parents experience better mental health, naturally improving their ability to bond with and care for their child.

For this reason, it’s easy to see the necessity for proper support for parents during their infant’s NICU stay. But, of course, a stressful work environment, long shifts, busy patient assignments, fatigue, and more can challenge NICU nurses to provide the support parents need. However, they didn’t stop Amanda Allen, Nurse Case Manager in the NICU, from connecting with a mother waiting alone on the day of her child’s surgery.

Her thoughtfulness went above and beyond to comfort this woman and help her feel less alone during a distressing, emotionally vulnerable time. For this reason, we recognize Amanda as our April Person of the Moment!

“Amanda is a great person! She took the time to talk with a parent in the NICU as she waited for our associate to give her the baby’s room key. While speaking with this mom, Amanda learned she was very overwhelmed and scared about her infant’s surgery that day. Along with her baby in the NICU (which in itself caused enough emotions), the mother also had other children at home, adding to her anxiety.

Amanda took the time to provide empathy and support for this mom. The mom’s significant other was unable to come to the hospital to be with her before the care team took their child back to surgery. Amanda immediately offered to accompany the mom downstairs to the surgery waiting room and wait with her until someone called them back to pre-op. Amanda didn’t hesitate to show compassion when this mother needed it most.

This mom was so grateful for the offer and agreed to let Amanda help her. This whole interaction took place at about 7:30 a.m., with the mom needing to report to surgery at 9:45 a.m. Amanda completed her morning duties and returned to the NICU before that time so she could walk with them to surgery.

Amanda’s actions show that one simple gesture can change a person’s day. She went above and beyond to make sure that this mom was comfortable and not alone in the hospital, which can be a scary place. I know that Amanda won’t expect this type of recognition, but she definitely deserves it!”

Amanda’s consideration epitomizes our first tenet: “Together, we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.” Amanda, thank you for your untiring care and dedication to our patients, their loved ones, and everyone we serve – and congratulations on your recognition as April Person of the Moment!

About the Person of the Moment Award

The Person of the Moment Award recognizes the unsung heroes across Stormont Vail. To qualify, the nominee must perform a ​​specific act, no matter how small, demonstrating behavior that aligns with our five tenets and creates a meaningful connection with a patient, visitor, or team member.

This award is open to all Stormont Vail Health team members, excluding directors and members of the Operating Committee. When the Operating Committee selects a Person of the Moment each month, they notify the individual’s department and organize a small recognition ceremony. Additionally, the year’s awardees receive more recognition during the annual awards banquet.

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