We Together: A Communication of Stormont Vail Health (Sept 13, 2022)

Dear Community Partners,

Here are today’s updates:

  • CFO Peg Burnette Announces Retirement Plans
  • Mayo Clinic Care Network’s Annual Visit This Wednesday
  • Current Status at Stormont Vail Health

CFO Peg Burnette Announces Retirement Plans

Peg Burnette, CPA, FHFMA, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has announced her plans to return to retirement on May 5, 2023, or once her successor has been named.

Peg joined Stormont Vail in April 2021, following her retirement from Denver Health and Hospital Authority after nearly 25 years of service as a finance executive, including 16 years as the organization’s CFO. Her plans are to return to retirement to enjoy travel and other pursuits. Stormont Vail has engaged a national search firm, Gallagher, to start immediately on the recruitment process for our next CFO.

In Peg’s time with Stormont Vail she has made a vital and visible impact on the organization’s financial practices and governmental relations. She has developed a knowledgeable and competent financial management team that will continue to serve our organization well. She has brought in new productivity measures that ensure our staffing and volumes are tied to budgets and provide for greater financial accountability and operational improvement.

As CFO, Peg has been responsible for the health system’s financial performance, including financial audit, financial management, revenue cycle services, and supply chain management. Information Systems also reports to Peg.

We wish Peg the best of luck in her retirement and know that her time at Stormont Vail will have lasting impact on the organization.

Mayo Clinic Care Network’s Annual Visit This Wednesday

The annual visit by the Mayo Clinic Care Network to Stormont Vail Health will be Wednesday. Stormont Vail Health has been a member of the network since 2014. Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select group of independent health systems vetted by Mayo Clinic and granted special access to Mayo’s knowledge, expertise and resources. As part of the network, Stormont Vail Health providers can quickly access Mayo’s latest research, diagnostic and treatment resources when they feel it will benefit their patients.

There will be several sessions on Wednesday with Mayo Clinic representatives sharing information about Mayo Clinic Care Network Tools Orientation, leadership development programs, nursing excellence and the Mayo Clinic Platform that leverages data science and technologies to solve patient care issues.

Current Status at Stormont Vail Health

The weekly COVID-19 scorecard is posted on the Stormont Vail website. Here are highlights are from the scorecard:

  • 9 inpatients are COVID-19 positive, similar to 8 patients last week.
  • 96% of recent COVID-19 admissions are unvaccinated or had last dose/booster more than 6 months ago.
  • COVID-19 inpatient discharges (previous week): 29. Deaths: 0.
  • 3 COVID-19 positive patients in the outpatient Enhanced Primary Care program.
  • 13.8% of people tested for COVID-19 at Stormont Vail facilities the past seven days were positive. That is down from 18.7% last week.
  • 50 team members and 2 providers on contact leave for COVID-19. The total of 52 people on contact leave this week compares to 49 last week.
  • 106,427 vaccinations (included boosters) administered.
  • – To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment:

Call (785) 270-4786.

We together,
Dr. Kenagy

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