January 2022 Person of the Moment: Sean Harvey

Our first Person of the Moment for 2022 radiates positivity and joy wherever he goes.

Sean Harvey, who was recently promoted to Nutritional Services Supervisor, is known around the Hospital for his sincere kindness that never fails to make others smile. Every conversation with Sean includes at least one “Yes, ma’am” or “Yes, sir” and always ends with “Have a blessed day!”

Here’s an excerpt from his award nomination: “I went to the cafeteria to get a chocolate bar for a patient. ‘Have a blessed day’ Sean was there, and I asked him what kind of chocolate I should get for the patient. He helped me pick out a couple chocolate bars. I then walked over to pay and, next thing I know, ‘Have a blessed day’ Sean popped around and asked, ‘Didn’t you say that was for a patient?’ and then swiped his own badge and paid for it himself.”

Sean said he was surprised to receive the award because, to him, he’s just doing his job — a job that he loves.

​“Part of my job is making sure everybody here feels like they’re at home and not at a hospital,” Sean said. “So, that’s what I want to do, make sure that everybody’s happy when they get here.”

“He is fantastic,” said Edwin Haas, Director of Nutritional Services. “He brings a high level of energy every day, and he spreads it to everyone he meets.”

Sean’s small way of making the world a little brighter means more than he realizes. From all of us at Stormont Vail, congrats, Sean, on earning the January 2022 Person of the Moment award, and “Have a blessed day!”

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