Single Day Surgery

At Stormont Vail Health’s Single Day Surgery Center, you will receive the same quality of care and work with the same providers as you would if you were staying at the hospital. The Center is fully equipped with operating rooms, recovery rooms and imaging services. You will work with surgeons, advanced practice providers (APPs), registered nurses, surgical technicians, operating room assistants, imaging staff, laboratory staff and registration staff.


At Stormont Vail, we want to treat the right cases in the right places. We will review the procedure you need and consult with your insurance company to determine which surgical setting — inpatient or outpatient — will be the safest, most effective and most affordable.

Your safety is our priority. If you have a health condition that could potentially make you a high-risk patient, such as respiratory issues, a heart condition or obesity, you will meet with a surgeon for a preanesthesia visit. This helps us determine which location — Stormont Vail Hospital or the Single Day Surgery Center — will be the safest place to perform your surgery.

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