We Are Stormont


I would like to give a huge thank you to Sarah and two of her employees. They searched through linen bags to find a patient's documents that had been inadvertently wrapped up in bed linens, placed in a linen bag, and dropped down the chute. They were so incredibly helpful and kind. They diligently searched through multiple bags until finding the lost paperwork. Thank you all for going above and beyond!

I recently went to the Imaging Center for a CT scan. I arrived an hour and 15 minutes early to drink the contrast which was very cold. Jenny came out to call another patient and noticed that I was freezing. She went and got me a warm blanket. When it was my turn to go back, Jenny was so kind and attentive. She communicated everything she was doing and treated me like a human being. Jenny even asked me questions about how my doctor (who is outside of SVH) would like to receive the results of the test. I am so appreciative of Jenny's kindness and sincerity.

I'd like to highlight Kim's outstanding customer service in her handling of our benefits update issue. My spouse recently left SVH employment as an Epic analyst to answer the nursing call and start pursuing her RN/BSN. Our benefits were tied to her SVH employment and needed to be updated just as WorkDay went live. Kim was super responsive, provided precise guidance and even followed up to ensure our issue was resolved. To top it off, my wife was possibly exposed to COVID while providing patient care and required testing. However our previous insurance cards were outdated and we had not received the new Member ID's yet. Upon alerting Kim of the issue, she provided us scanned versions of the new card within the hour via email and ensured that my wife received the necessary testing and care. Kim epitomizes the #WeTogether ethos with her thoughtful and attentive customer service excellence. We're fortunate to have her on our SVH team!

One night there was a patient whom was very anxious/worried about her admission to the hospital. The patient pressed her call light, and Trelonda answered it. As I was walking past the patient's room, I overheard Trelonda assisting the patient in prayer asking God to look over her and assist her in healing. It was a heart touching moment that I knew meant a lot to the patient. Awesome job!

I can't say enough about George. He always goes out of his way to ask how we're doing when he comes to transport patients to and from procedures. He is always cheerful. He always has a smile on his face. But something I overheard him doing recently really stood out to me and I wanted to lift him up and let him know just how great he is! While walking through the hallway I came across George transporting a patient somewhere. He normally is having conversations with the patients, but this was extra special. He was singing Christmas carols to the patient. What an amazing way to really show our patients just how much we value them, not as patients, but as human beings! I'm sure George's tunes helped to ease some of the fear and anxiety that the patient was feeling while in the hospital. Thank you George for always going above and beyond and bringing a smile to everyone's' faces!

We Care

Meet Heart Attack Survivor: David Ferguson

“It’s really humbling when you realize you’re that close to death — and you have these people who don’t even know you, and they enabled me to come home and see my kids again.”

On March 3, 2021, David Ferguson experienced a tightness in his chest that he couldn’t quite explain. He brushed it off as nothing and tried to walk it off, like he’s always done before. But this time was different. It was the beginning of what would become a massive heart attack.


We Support

Stormont Vail Health was proud to once again support the United Way of Greater Topeka.

On Tuesday, March 1, we presented the United Way with a check for $125,293.54. This money was raised by our team during a week-long campaign and an annual gift basket raffle. Individual departments also organized their own bake sales, penny wars and similar fundraising activities.

We are incredibly proud of our team as well as our partnership with the United Way. This money will help improve the lives of those in need throughout our community.​

We Recognize

2022_Best of Topeka_Logo

We Achieve

Thank you to the community that supports us & recognizes our efforts to bring you excellence.

The Best of Topeka is a community choice awards program, sponsored by The Topeka-Capital-Journal, that allows the public to nominate and vote on the best businesses and services the area has to offer. In 2022, we were honored to be voted the Best of Topeka in four categories:

  • 2022 Best of Topeka Hospital/Medical Facility: Stormont Vail Hospital
  • 2022 Best of Topeka Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic: Cotton O’Neil Stormont Vail Express Care Clinics
  • 2022 Best of Topeka Family Practice: Stormont Vail Health Primary Care
  • 2022 Best of Topeka Pre-School: Building Blocks

We are also proud of our other team members who were among the finalists: Cotton O’Neil Pediatrics, Cotton O’Neil Weight Management Center, Jane C. Stormont Women’s Health Center, Stormont Vail Health Physical Therapy, and Stormont Vail Health in Best Employer category.

Thank you, Topeka!


Social Work

Thank you to our social workers who go above and beyond to serve our community!

We’re celebrating Social Work Month by recognizing the great work and great people of social work. But do you know what the day-to-day operation looks like for a social worker? We asked several Stormont Vail Health social workers to talk about their role, what they find the most inspiring, the most challenging, what impact they can make on their patients and the impact their patients make on them.

We Uplift

Stormont Vail Health was honored to have Jolly Old St. Nick himself visit our pediatric units and a 'trick or treat' extravaganza for Halloween!

On Thursday, Dec. 1, Santa hopped in his sleigh and made a special visit to Stormont Vail Hospital to visit our youngest patients.

Thank you, Santa, for spreading joy, happiness, and peace to our patients, their parents and guardians, and our team members. We truly appreciate you finding the time to visit Topeka!

On Monday, Oct. 31, the Stormont Vail Health team planned a "reverse trick or treating" event, going door to door and passing out candy and toys to patients outside their rooms on Halloween.

Nothing beats the smiles these events bring to our littlest patients and it wouldn't be possible without an amazing team and community!

Celebrating Small Moments

Every interaction with our patients, their families and our co-workers is an opportunity to leave a memorable, positive impact on their lives: a Small Moment. Whether big or small, these Small Moments collectively shape who we are as a health care organization rooted in our community.

Together we treat every patient, visitor, and team member with compassion and dignity.

Together we are aware of our surroundings and will purposefully connect by guiding others to their destination, making eye contact and greeting everyone with a smile.

Together we own patient safety and the patient experience. We provide safe, high-quality care with a kind and generous spirit.

Together we are sensitive to privacy and confidentiality in our conversations and use of technology.

Together we honor our heritage, embrace diversity, and work every day to improve the health of our community.