Paw Squad

Having a ruff day?

Our Paw Squad is here to help!

At Stormont Vail Health, we don’t just take care of the physical wellbeing of our patients and team, we take care of the whole person. Each year, there is more awareness centered on mental health and we are proud to support everyone in our organization with the chance to rely on one of our Paw Squad members, whenever the need arises.

Our Paw Squad is made up of 18 fantastic canines that can make any struggle or problem seem less scary. They love to show and receive affection while providing a sweet sense of calm for those around them. No matter what you are here for, let the Stormont Vail Paw Squad be part of your team.

Meet the Squad!



Cheyenne is a 7-year-old Lab/Great Pyrenees mix who loves nature and anything she can sniff out with her nose! She knows a number of tricks including: high five, shake, roll, crawl, spin, wave, and push-ups. If you think that Cheyenne is a doggo that loves treats… You’d be correct! She loves cheese, hot dogs, ice cream, and any type of dog treat. Heck, she’d probably eat a flavored rock if you put it in front of her! Cheyenne is partnered with her handler Tim McHenry.



Our labradoodle, Dinah, is an 8-year-old cuddle bug! If you want to cuddle with her, be sure to make room for one of her beloved stuffed animals that she likes to carry around everywhere she goes. When she isn’t cuddling up with someone, she enjoys going on walks and, of course, chasing squirrels. Dinah loves to show off by balancing a treat on her nose and then catching it out of the air! But if you have some apples with peanut butter or a Sonic ice cream cone, she would love that too. Dinah is partnered with her loving handler, Debby.



Are you a fan of little dogs? If you are, then Charley is the pup for you! This little 4-year-old Havanese sweetheart loves being active; some of her favorite things are playing fetch, doing agility work, going on walks, and playing with children! Not only is Charley an active dog, she’s a smart dog too. Besides your standard commands, she also knows how to roll over, spin, twirl, sit-pretty, dance, ring the bell, and find a scent. Wow! She will love you regardless, but if you bring her a beef treat or apple bacon fruit minis, she might become your best friend. Charley is partnered with her handler, Judy Knoll.



Sasha is a 142 pound English Mastiff bundle of sleepy cuddles; what more could you ask for? This 4-year-old cutie enjoys relaxing in the car, sniffing shoes, doggy yoga, taking naps, and loving everyone! Even though she can usually be found trying to take a snooze, she also can impress with her ability to sit, lay, stay, and shake. Sasha is a big fan of Milk-Bones, cheese, ice cream cones, bacon, and anything she sees you eating if you’re willing to share! If you’re in need of a mood-booster, she is your girl to call. Brian Coover is the lucky handler and partner of Sasha.



If you love Golden Retrievers, Aggieville is the doggo for you! Although there is nothing in world that this 7-year-old loves more than squirrels, playing with the patients and team members at Stormont Vail is a close second! Whether you are needing a pick-me-up, want to burn a little energy, or give out some pets, Aggieville is there when you need him; but, he might come a little faster if he sees a squirrel in your direction. Aggieville is partnered with his best friend and handler, David Long.



Eli is a 4-year-old Poodle with a lot of love to give! When he isn’t at the hospital spreading cheer and good vibes, he enjoys taking long walks, riding shotgun in the car, swimming, snacking, and meeting new friends! Eli is an outgoing, adventure-seeking pup, but also loves to show off that he knows how to sit, lay down, shake, touch, and crawl. If you’re wondering about Eli’s favorite snack – forget about it… Eli will eat anything and everything! Michele Mainey is Eli’s partnering handler.



Jack, our 9-year-old Westie, is the biggest bundle of joy in the smallest little body! Although he is short in stature, he has a big personality to share with everyone around him. Jack loves making new friends everywhere he goes, but especially at doggy daycare or when he sees a squirrel that he thinks looks lonely! He knows his basic commands like sit, lay down, and stay; he loves to practice when it involves treats such as cheese, peanut butter, or popcorn! Laura Thomason is the happy partner and handler of Jack.



Meet our 7-year-old Labrador Retriever, Hope! This little beauty loves nothing more than spending time with her family, playing, or snuggling! While she doesn’t have any tricks memorized just yet, maybe you can help teach her. Hope loves a lot of things, but three of her favorites just happen to be string cheese, hot dogs, and her doggy-sister, Joy. Carolyn Buono, Hope’s handler, feels so lucky to share her loving pup with the patients and team members at Stormont Vail!


Jenny Mae

Jenny Mae might be 10-years-old, but this Border Collie still has a lot of life in her! She absolutely loves to get out energy by chasing golf carts, playing with all of her balls and toys, and being around new people. Jenny Mae loves to show her affection for people by raising her paw to shake hands with you! She loves to eat her healthy snacks like frozen vegetables and chewy bones. Carlie Gurske is Jenny Mae’s best friend and handler.



Joy was definitely named correctly because that is all that this sweet 3-year-old Labrador Retriever brings to others! Outside of playing with her doggy-sister, Hope, Joy enjoys snuggling while being pet and chewing on anything she can get her paws on. She doesn’t quite have any tricks down yet, but she would love for you to teach her some… especially if you have any string cheese or hot dogs to offer as treats! Carolyn Buono enjoys getting to be the handler and partner of Joy.



Our little 12-year-old Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie), Sparky, is a surefire way to brighten up anyone’s mood. He has so many things to be happy about and loves when anyone will play with him! His favorite activities include scent games, going for walks, and playing fetch in doors. Sparky also happens to be extremely talented and knows how to jump through someone’s arms, shake hands, spin around, and sit pretty. While he doesn’t need a treat to perform, he will definitely never turn one down! Sparky has a fantastic partner and handler in Kathy Schlotterbeck.



Tate is a 3-year-old cutie of a dog! Being a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle), he is hypoallergenic and barely sheds, which makes him a fantastic companion for those who have allergies. Tate is super affectionate in the way that he loves to give hugs to anyone and everyone, and also loves to cuddle and be pet. He will perform tricks like shake, sit, stay, down, and fetch even if there aren’t treats being offered, but if you have any spare peanut butter, chips, or cheese, Tate would love to share with you! Bobbi Shinn is the happy partner and handler of Tate.



Rosie is the happiest of girls! She loves to get out her energy by going on walks and playing with squeaky toys, but one of her favorite things is getting to chew on ice. When she isn’t having a cold treat or helping at the hospital, you can find Rosie chasing squirrels and rabbits, playing with her doggie nieces and nephews, or snuggling with her handler, Kay.



Look at this handsome lab named Gus! This good boy absolutely loves being praised with words and pets. When he isn’t sniffing, walking, or snoozing on the couch, he is trying to show off with his tricks! Gus knows sit, down, stay, come, spin, and even roll over! Come meet this good boy and his human companion, Teri.



Gabriel is a 2-year-old toy poodle full of love! When he is at home, he loves playing with his two big, German Shepherd brothers, riding on four-wheelers, and learning new tricks to show off in front of friends. In addition, Gabriel absolutely adores meeting children and adults while giving affection in exchange for ice cream, pup-eroni’s, cool whip, and smarties. Some of the fancy tricks he knows include walking on his hind legs, sitting pretty, jumping through arms, giving high 5s and 10s, and saying goodbye in low bark. Rhonda is the loving handler that partners with Gabriel to make up “K9 Blessings”.



If you think Ellie looks like a sweetheart, you’d be right. This little princess loves to travel and explore new places, chase her ball, and play tag with her human and doggo friends alike. She is the best at shaking hands and will even roll over if she is tempted with enough peanut butter!



If you’re in need of some cuddles from a lovey-dovey four-legged friend, Julian is your boy. This little love bug is new to the therapy game, but does such a good job at keeping you company! Not only does he love to meet new people, but he likes car rides, milk bones, cheese, and hot dogs. If you see Julian, be sure to ask him to do one of his many tricks like high-fiving or falling over “dead”!



Penny is a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix therapy dog who brings joy and comfort to everyone she meets. She loves her Kong bone, BilJac treats, and of course, the people she interacts with. Penny has some impressive tricks, such as giving a high five, spinning in circles, crawling, and shaking her paw. She is a gentle and loving companion who loves to play and loves to provide comfort and love to those around her.

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