You Know Who Cares for You… But Who Cares for Them?

What do you get when you bring together a group of individuals that are astonishingly talented, selfless, full of optimism and ideas, and love to provide support for others in unique ways?

The Learning, Talent, and Development teams (LTD) at Stormont Vail Health.

LTD is not a department well-known to the masses, but it is safe to say that without their dedication and immense care, Stormont Vail wouldn’t be the organization that it is today. The LTD teams embrace the idea that in order to ensure Stormont Vail patients receive the highest quality care, support must be given first, in every way possible, to our team members. While this department started long ago under a different name and as an educational aide for team members, it has developed into so much more. Today, the main focus is to provide the entire team with knowledge, technology, emotional and behavioral foundation, leadership strategy tools, and more so they are cared for and supported.

“I have never, in all my life, worked with such an amazing team,” said Summer Baker, Med/Surg Clinical Educator for LTD. “One that knows me so well, that they can anticipate my needs, sometimes even before I can, and care so deeply for me that they are willing to help me find ways to truly meet my needs in ways that go beyond self-reproach.”

These LTD groups of individuals come together, bringing their differences in skills, abilities, and knowledge to promote the betterment of the entire Stormont Vail family, but it goes beyond that. Their hard work goes into the professionalism and level of care given to our community.

In the last three years, the LTD education team has also taken on two large initiatives: Nurse Residency and Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC). The Stormont Vail Nurse Residency Program newly graduated and experienced Registered Nurses (RN) that are transitioning their practice in our medical/surgical departments, high acuity departments, and nurse manager residency program. The Nurse Residency program focuses on providing support to RNs who are entering new areas and taking on new challenges. This ensures our team of nurses never feel alone in their work.

When asked what her biggest success has been in 2022, Dawn Garcia-Brinker, Nurse Residency Program Manager, was excited to say, “Working with Nurse Residency team to update and restart the program to complete two groups of new graduates per month from May of 2022 to September of 2022!”

In 20222, Stormont Vail began a new initiative in partnership with TCALC. This partnership provides USD 501 students attending TCALC the opportunity to participate in a healthcare career pathway and the opportunity to obtain a CNA license while completing their high school requirements. The Stormont Vail LTD teams support this program by providing curricula development, teaching, and providing an educator to serve as the USD 501 teacher.

Not only do the LTD teams focus on the education of team members, but they go above and beyond to provide both technological and emotional support to our patient-facing team members who are on the floor every day.

“I believe that I make a difference in people’s lives here,” Robert Brown, Audio/Visual Tech for LTD said, “Easing their stress, helping them be more efficient, and contributing to the improvement of the overall environment at Stormont Vail.”

Bobbi Kohls, Behavioral Health Educator, believes her biggest success since joining the team has been developing and implementing more classes on Trauma Informed Care for team members. “There are so many who struggle with a history of trauma, which comes across as being difficult, or angry and helping our patient facing staff look to understand where these behaviors may be coming from, and how to respond to them has legitimately helped with patient management,” said Bobbi.

As an organization, we are beyond grateful for the never-ending amount of care LTD gives to our team members; it’s clear every day how that care then reflects from our team unto the patients they see. If you’re interested in joining a squad of remarkable individuals that never stops helping, visit our career page here.

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