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We Together

Stormont Vail Health is on the frontline and continues to care for all patients, including those with Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Our team is dedicated to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and one way is by wearing a face mask. Many team members, patients and visitors are wearing fabric face masks that were generously donated by our community. Thank you! We are currently not in need of additional donations of face masks.

Thank You for Caring!

We are incredibly grateful to our communities for helping us during these difficult times. It takes all of us, working together to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Thank you to our generous donors!

1000 Masks for Shawnee County
Adalia Esparta
Adam Dobbie
Alemeda Niederschulte
Alice Ziegler
Amy Chapman
Andrea Ellis
Angie & Rusty Flohrschultz
Ann Abo
Ann McConkey
Apostolic Christian Faith Church
Apple Market (Topeka)
Ashley Bates
Ashley Furniture
Audrey Bosley
Barb Heideman
Barb Sollner
Barb Wittmer
Barbara Heideman
Becky Miller
Bernadine Boyer
Beth Jones
Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro
Bonnie Edwards
Brenda Cooper
Brenda Ulrich
Bucky & Brittany Downs
Candace Tibbits
Carol Emmerling
Carter Healthcare – Home Health & Hospice
Cashmere Popcorn
Certified Fireplace and Chimney
Charlene Reynolds
Charlotte McCollough
Charlotte Schneidewind
Chase Lorenz
Cheryl Woods
CiCi’s Pizza
Cindy Chilson
Cindy Harwell
Cindy Harwell
Cindy Langton
Cinnie McFarland
Coffee County Library – Lebo Branch
Connie Hund
Connie Tarvin
Connie Uttinger
Countryside United Methodist Church
Dalia Seeman
Dana Dobbie-Blindt
Dar Wilson
Dayna Cooley
Deb Foster
Deb McCormack
Debbie Barrett
Debra Fuston
Debra Fuston
Debra Korte
Diana Bradshaw
Diane Schafer
Dillon’s (21st & Fairlawn)
Don Daniels
Dorethy Hancock
Dorothy Brown
Dr. Duvvar
Dr. Patrick Raney
Dream House Professional’s Real Estate
Elsie Eisenbarth
Emily Thomas
Emporia Area Quilting Guild
Eric Kjorlie Law Office
Erin Huffstetler
Eva Anschutz
First Souther Baptist Church
First United Methodist Church
Friends from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Gayle Davenport
Gayle Gomez
Gillan Gabelmann
Grace Cathedral Quilters Group
Great Harvest Bread Company
Great Plains Quilt Company
Harbor Freight
Heartland Hospice
Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Home Depot
Hope Ogden
Ignite Fundraising
Jane Patrick
Janet Degenhardt
Janie Jones
Jeffrey Underwood
Jessica Engel
Jessica Soza
Jimmy Patty
Jo Senne
Joanna Bradshaw
Joy Campbell
Joyce Markham
Junior League of Topeka
Kansas Capital Quilters Guild (KCQG)
Karen Campbell
Karen Gietzwiller
Kathie Baldwin
Kathy Ormsby
Kiara Perry
Kimberly Swick
Koss Construction
Laici Rogers & Tim Smith
Laura Allen
Lauraine Fenoglio
Lena Mays
Lena Mays
Leola Brake
Lifeline Children’s Services
Lincoln Financial Group
Linda Ott
Linda Schenidewind
Little Ceaser’s Pizza
Lockton Company
Lori Finney
Lou Probaska
Loves Travel Shop
Lucille A Porter
Maggie Graham
Mandi Gardner
Marie Plinsky
Marilyn Gugler
Marilyn Thomas
Mark Ruelle
Marlys Titus
Marvene DeVader
Maryco Ashphalt
Matt & Cindy Dillon
McP Group
Melissa Tenbrink
Midnight Mayhem Apparel
Minerva Michael
Ms Wittmer
Nancy Peak
Pat Brown
Pat Gilliand
Patterson Legal Group
Patty Barth
Patty Barth
Patty Menke
Peggy Hnna
Pet-Delight, LLC
Polo Custom Products
Project Hands Community Service
Qui Yang
Ravae Murdock
Rebecca Crabbs
Red Lobster
Reggie Fosberg
Rita Langston
Rita Wobker
Rosalie Wike
Rupali & Arushi Garg
Saara Sachs Jepson, APRN on behalf ot Janie Schuler
Salisbury Company
Sam’s Club
Sandie Jensen
Sara Morgan
Shari Moszeter
Shari Moszeter
Sharon Shows
Shawnee Heights Quilters/Shawnee Heights UMC
Shelby Brokaw
Sherry Reser
Sherry Shelden
Sidney Campbell
Soul Fire Nutrition
Stephanie & Anna Magill
Sunnin Keosybounheuang
Susan Bozarth
Susan Lytle
Susan Mignacca
Susan Shroyer
Suzanne Pippin
Syliva Levings
Thursday Evening Pray Warriors
Tim & Michelle Cole
Timothy Betts
Toery Oberle
Tori Wools
Tricia Conley
Trish and Teresa Walters
Tulasi Long
Virginia Bender
Virginia Strambaugh
Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene
Washburn University
Washburn University Bookstore