COVID19/Coronavirus Disease 2019: Find the latest updates and information here.

A New Beginning

A Message from Our President & CEO

At the beginning of March, we began to hear rumors of a potentially deadly virus that could turn into a worldwide pandemic. It was only a matter of time before those rumors became fact.

In an effort to get ahead of the virus and stifle the spread, Stormont Vail Health made the difficult decision to suspend many of our service lines. Throughout that time, we remained open to treat patients with life-threatening conditions as well as administered aid to several patients suffering from COVID-19.

As of May 4, we are happy to announce that we are reopening our services!

While this is exciting news for both our patients and our team, know that our focus remains sharp on safety. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment in which our patients, visitors and team members feel comfortable, and we will continue to adhere to new safety guidelines as we return to a full spectrum of care.

Words cannot express how proud I am of the Stormont Vail team as well as the communities we serve. Everyone has done a tremendous job stepping up and taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors. And most importantly, we’ve done this together. We look forward to serving you again!

Robert S. Kenagy, M.D.
Stormont Vail Health
President and Chief Executive Officer

Empowering Your Visit

By following strict guidelines, we can help ensure the safety of everyone who turns to us in need of health care services. Here are some things you can expect when visiting:

PATIENT Guideline Overview
• Screening at entrances (high-risk Q&A and temperature check)
• ALL patients are required to bring & wear facemasks
• If accompanied by a visitor, the visitor will have to accompany the patient to the exam room or wait in the car during the patient’s appointment

VISITOR Guideline Overview
• Pass screening at the entrance (high-risk Q&A and temperature check)
• ALL visitors are required to bring & wear facemasks
• If a visitor is necessary, only one per patient
• The visitor must accompany the patient to an exam room or wait in the car during the appointment

• Screening for anyone entering (high-risk Q&A and temperature check)
• Rearranged waiting rooms to accommodate social distancing
• Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing schedule

These precautions have been added for your safety and ours. We look forward to seeing you again! We appreciate you adjusting your regular routine in order for us to adhere to all safety measures we can to keep everyone safe.

On Your Way

You’ve made an appointment, grabbed your keys and are ready to leave… STOP! With new precautions in place, make sure you didn’t forget something by completing a quick four-step check:

  • Do you and your visitor have a facemask?
  • Do you or your visitor have any COVID-19-like symptoms?
  • If yes, have you contacted Stormont Vail to notify them of your symptoms?
  • If you answered no to #3,  please “Call Before You Go”.

Call Before You Go

Stormont Vail is continuing our Call Before You Go initiative. If you are experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath, call us at (785) 354-6000 prior to coming to the Stormont Vail Emergency Department or any Cotton O’Neil clinic so that we can facilitate the safest care.


Okay, now it’s time for you to check-in for your appointment. No reason to wait in line there! Your MyChart patient portal app now offers an electronic check-in right from your very own smartphone. Don’t have MyChart? It’s okay, you can still check-in at the kiosk. Learn more about MyChart & E-Visits and how your healthcare communication will improve by visiting our MyChart page.

Empowering Your Care

As we continue to limit the number of people allowed in our facilities, we are offering alternative methods to provide health care for our patients. Ask your doctor about setting up a Video Visit appointment, see your doctor from inside your own home.

Although not all appointments can be done virtually, Video Visits are a convenient way for patients to attend follow-up appointments, ask questions regarding medication, visit with the physician pre- and post-surgery and receive hands-off consultations. Learn more by visiting our Virtual Care page.